Saturday, April 16, 2011

Light Up Your Life!!!

Lamps. Lamps. Lamps. You have floor lamps, table lamps, buffet lamps and torchieres are just the tip of the iceberg and within each category you have; traditional, contemporary, mid-century, modern, hollywood glam and the list can grow.

Well, which is the right lamp for you? Which lamp fits your space just right? The answer is that there are many lamps that look great in your space, you have to choose which one you like!
Enough about which lamp you need, let's find out what a lamp can do for your space.

Lamps can add drama! Many times when you float your sofa, this is when your sofa is not against wall, you can add a layer of dimension with a sofa table. On top of the sofa table you can add a pair of lamps. This draws your eye up into the space and gives your a spark of excitement.

Toned down white lamps can be a subtle sparkle in your room.  A White, off white, mirrored or natural lamp gives your space a light and airy feel. Perfect for your "spa retreat" to your bedroom! 
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