Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is NOT your Grandma's House!

If your grandma is anything like mine, when you walk through her doors your senses are instantly stimulated. The air is filled with the aroma of perfume and fresh baked cookies, you hear the tea pot singing as the water becomes ready, and your eyes see the 1970's wallpaper that has fallen out of favor, tired old matching over patterned sofa and chairs, and mustard colors Tupperware ...this must be grandma's house!

The stigma of grandma's house over time flowed over into this being what a "Traditional Home" consists of.... not anymore folks!

Here is one example here at IBB that celebrates a traditional style I now call "Today's Traditional!"

This Henredon H0608 sofa has the Charisma to carry your traditional space from old to bold. The fantastic green velvety fabric on the body embraces the traditional color without throwing over it a dated pattern. Offset this with a rich gold throw pillow and an accented purple striped pillow and you can't say no to it!

Give me the Detail :  Sizzling scalloped back, track arm, simple sleek java wood tones and box edge cushions.

A great match for this sofa and an equally bold set of slipper chairs. These are also from Henredon and will take your breath away. The June slipper chair features the same, rich gold, fabric as the Charisma's accent pillow; tying the room perfectly together.

Give me the Detail :  Extremely exquisite "X" shaped pattern of Oil rubbed bronze nail head detail down the back, sleek exposed java wood trim and an attached back!

When you put these fun "Today's Traditional" elements together in a room, add a few accent pieces and accessories you can have a fabulous new look while staying true to your style!
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  1. Yay Kevin! You are so talented! Love the blog name!