Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pastel Palette

I was inspired by the Easter season to do a story on pastels, enjoy!

*** WARNING *** 
The following picture may burn your eyes! Brace yourself for... pastel circa 1987.

This is what comes to mind when I think Pastels. It's the horrid 1987 sea of ugly. I know at one point it was the "in thing" but so was over shag carpet you had to rake to clean, sometimes finding a surprise! 

Well readers....surprise! You can use pastels in a very successful way in the year 2011! Pastel is another way of saying soft and delicate. It is a pale form of a more vibrant color. Let's see some of the items we have at IBB Design Fine Furnishing that uses a Pastel Palette:

(1) Vanguard Furniture: sleek and savvy light grey sectional with blue flecks in the fabric. (2) Paragon Picture: Pink Peony picture, has a matching Pink Rose picture. (3) Legacy Home: Geometric soft coral pillow. Legacy offers complete custom bedding sets. (4) Sherrill Select Occasional:  clean lined cocktail table. It can be customized with over 40 finishes. (5) The French Bee Floral: beautiful botanicals.
These room vignettes and more are at IBB Design right now!
Be sure to come and check them out: 5798 Genesis Court, Frisco, TX 75034

Remember readers, my most important rule is to...

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